Premium Equipment Rental

Our guests can rent high-quality equipment and clothing.

We have two equipment rental shops: one at the base and another at 1500 m. The rental shop offers a Fast Track service, which allows you to rent the best equipment for all ages and levels in advance. Beginners can pick up their equipment at 1500 m, where they will take their classes, so they don't have to take the lift for the first time without knowing how to use their equipment. We also have boot-drying machines for 800 pairs of boots.

Yeti has cutting-edge carving skis and ski boots from leading brands such as DYNASTAR, K2, NORDICA and FISCHER. This equipment helps the skier make progress more easily and pleasurably. Our equipment is divided into 2 categories: GOLD (high-end) equipment for demanding skiers who have a high ability level; and SILVER (mid-range) equipment with wider tips, which are easier for beginners to learn on. Equipment rentals are only for consecutive (not alternating) days.

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