Safety Tips

Safety is the key to enjoying your ski vacation to the fullest. Please follow these simple recommendations in order to take away great memories of your stay on the mountain.

Helmets Required for Children under Age 14

For your child's safety, and in accordance with Resolution No. 376/10 of the Province of Neuquén, children under the age of 14 are required to wear a helmet. However, we emphatically recommend that all skiers wear a helmet.

Risks of the Activity

Skiers and snowboarders must be aware of and understand the risks and dangers associated with the sport they are doing and take responsibility for the accidents and harm they may suffer themselves or cause the ski center or third parties.


A pass is required to access and use the trails and lifts.


Trail users must treat other people and property with respect. People whose behavior endangers others at the ski center, either on or off the trails, may be expelled at the management's discretion.

Ecological Skiing

The mountain is a beautiful setting for enjoying nature. It is everyone's responsibility to keep it white and clean. Do not litter.

Pedestrians on Trails

Pedestrians, and people with sleds or other unauthorized sled-like objects, are strictly prohibited from using the trails. Only skiers and snowboarders, with their respective passes and equipment, are allowed to use the trails.

Backcountry Skiing

CERRO BAYO does not allow any activities other than those that are expressly permitted in this or other regulations. Therefore, CERRO BAYO is not liable for those who decide to ski outside of the duly marked trails; go hiking, camping or rock climbing; or use unauthorized sled-like objects on or off of the trails; even when they are accompanied by professionals or people associated with the ski center.

Speed Control

All skiers and snowboarders must maintain control over their speed, in accordance with their ability level. Therefore, they must pay close attention to terrain and weather conditions and to how many other people are on the trail. Races, jumping and other competitions that are held and do not correspond to events organized and authorized by CERRO BAYO are the sole responsibility of those who participate in them, and CERRO BAYO reserves the right to prohibit them. Installing netting and gates, making mounds to elevate the terrain or doing anything else that alters the appearance of the trails is strictly forbidden outside of authorized events.

Trail Etiquette

Skiers and snowboarders who pass and get ahead of another person are obligated to avoid that person, who has preference, further down the trail. Skiers and snowboarders who merge onto a trail from an interconnecting or lateral trail must give the right of way to the people who are already on the trail. After every stop, the skier or snowboarder must give the right of way to the person who is already coming down the trail. Crossing through or interfering with ski classes is prohibited, as is entering training and/or competition trails.

Stopping on Trails

All skiers and snowboarders must avoid stopping in places that are narrow and/or have little visibility. If they must stop, they must do so on the side of the trail. In the event of a fall, the skier or snowboarder must get out of the high-traffic part of the trail as quickly as possible.


All skiers and snowboarders must maintain their equipment in perfect condition and in accordance with their weight, height and ability level. All skis must have bindings and all snowboards must have a safety leash.

Risks of the Activity

Anyone who witnesses an accident must, if possible, inform the ski center's safety patrol service and identify themselves.

Information, markings and signage

    Skiers and snowboarders must stay informed about the daily weather, snow and trail conditions and the difficulty of the trails. The difficulty of the trails is duly marked as follows:
  • Green trails: Beginner Level
  • Blue trails: Intermediate Level
  • Red trails: Advanced Level
  • Black trails: Expert Level
  • In addition, skiers and snowboarders must respect the signs that designate certain trails for skiing or snowboarding only, as applicable.

Rules for Lift Use

  • All skiers and snowboarders must wear their season pass in a visible place and show it when required by the ski center's staff.
  • Everyone must always respect the people who are ahead of them and stay in the lines leading up to the lift. Skiers and snowboarders must prepare to get on the lift while they are waiting in line. Skiers must hold their poles in one hand and snowboarders must have just one boot strapped to their board with the safety leash on at all times.
  • All skiers and snowboarders must pay attention to and obey the instructions they are given by the lift operators and ski center staff.
  • On the chair lifts, the protective bar must alway be brought down to ensure the passengers' safety and prevent possible accidents.
  • On the surface lifts, getting off in the middle is strictly prohibited. If a passenger falls, they must more their skis or snowboard and equipment as soon as possible, in order to allow the other passengers who are passing by to continue on safely and without obstruction.
  • If a chair lift stops halfway, the passengers are absolutely prohibited from getting down and must wait for instructions from the ski patrol staff, who will indicate the procedure to follow in the case of an evacuation.
  • When getting off of elevated lifts, passengers must do so as quickly as possible to make room for the passengers behind them.
  • Remember that, on the lifts, there is always ice and the associated danger of sliding, so passengers should be extremely careful.