Environmental Policy

The environmental policy of the Cerro Bayo Ski Boutique is based on quality service, customer service, safety and a commitment to protecting the surrounding environment.

The main strategies and values that the company has voluntarily adopted and stated in a Board of Director's commitment include:

  1. Integrating Cerro Bayo's services to create a unique tourist sports center where visitors and guests actively enjoy nature, while respecting their environment.
  2. Offering a service that is defined by excellence and has an environmental value that fully meets the needs of national and international visitors and guests and all interested parties.
  3. Ensuring that our environmental policy forms an integral part of the company's spirit and contributes to its continuous improvement. Promoting the participation of employees, contractors, concessionaires and suppliers who work at Cerro Bayo, as well as our visitors and guests.
  4. Implementing environmental, safety and quality criteria in our services and activities and strengthening our staff's active participation in the application of the criteria so that our visitors and guests perceive that attitude as a fundamental value of the company.
  5. Complying with the applicable legal requirements related to the environmental, safety and occupational risk prevention regulations, as well as any other requirement that affects Cerro Bayo.
  6. The Board of Directors has established the following environmental objectives:
    • The orderly management of natural forestation;
    • The reduction and separation of the waste that is generated;
    • The rational use of natural resources;
    • The prevention of water pollution;
    • The provision of environmental information to visitors and customers;
    • and the prevention of environmental emergencies.
    All of these aspects will be managed, measured and corrected, if necessary, and new environmental objectives and goals will be set in order to improve the company's impact.
  7. Give staff the necessary training and resources, in accordance with our means, to operate the services in line with environmental, safety and quality standards and make these a strategic value in the services and the management model. Inform visitors and guests who come to Cerro Bayo about the actions the company is taking in its commitment to the environment by providing the appropriate information.
  8. Document, implement, maintain, define, plan, set goals and review the system and actions that are used to evaluate Cerro Bayo's environmental efforts, through the environmental policy that will be documented, implemented in the corresponding areas, maintained in the phase of granting the necessary human and financial resources, and communicated to the staff, customers, concessionaires, suppliers and interested parties.
  9. The concepts included in our environmental policy will be made public and available to any interested party who requests them from the company.

Pablo Torres García
Cerro Bayo Ski Boutique
October 2017
Version Nº2 del 2017/10/10