Adaptive Skiing

This activity is geared towards teaching and stimulating the abilities of people with physical, mental and/or sensory disabilities through sports and recreation, while they enjoy the mountain.

Who are we?

We are a group of specially trained instructors and volunteers who promote this activity for people with different disabilities. Our main objective is to improve out students' quality of life. Several of our instructors —Claudia Aguirrezabala, Fernando Mazzolenis, Ricardo “chori” Rizzo, Eliana Lupinacci and Sebastian Barba— took an interest in this activity, developed a space for adaptive skiing and organized the program.

Motor Disability

Divided into: Standing: For those who are able to remain standing. Seated: For those with totally or partially limited mobility. Duration of the classes: Standing: 2 Hours – ½ Day – Full Day. Seated: Baptism – ½ Day – Full Day.

Mental Disability

For those with: MILD, MODERATE and SEVERE disabilities. Duration of the classes: 2 Hours – ½ Day (depending on the case).

Sensory Disability

For those: With total or partial hearing loss, with or without a cochlear implant. Who are blind or visually impaired. Duration of the classes: 2 Hours – ½ Day (depending on the case) – Full Day.

Information and Registration

Purchase classes 24 hours in advance. The student will be assessed by a qualified instructor who will identify and offer the best possible service. Contact us by email at: [email protected].