Ski & Snowboard School

Our mission is for our students to learn about and enjoy this sport that we are passionate about teaching. Our school is run by 90 highly-trained and internationally-certified instructors. We have several options to fit the needs and abilities of every student.

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Group Classes

Our instructors pass on their knowledge to each student in the group according to their needs and abilities. The groups are put together based on the level of each student, with a minimum of 4 students per group.
Beginners: Begin on Sunday and Monday. Classes of 3 days or more. Other levels: Begin from Sunday to Wednesday. Minimum of 3 days.

Time: 11 AM to 1 PM. Duration: 2 hours per day.

Service conditions: Group classes cannot be exchanged for private classes. The classes are on consecutive days. The group classes are subject to availability and may be modified. The minimum class size is 4 people; if there are less than 4 people, the class time will be reduced by 1 hour. Students must arrive 5 minutes before the class begins.

Private Classes

A special space where the instructor will help you achieve you goals and perfect your style.

Duration: 2 hours. Languages: Spanish, English and Portuguese. Priority on lifts.

Private Plus Classes

A longer class to offer you a more complete experience.

Duration: 3 hours. Languages: Spanish, English and Portuguese. Priority on lifts.

Gold Class

The most exclusive service. The instructor will be available throughout the entire day, to help you perfect your abilities and get to know the mountain better than anybody: flexible timing, advice on equipment, dining, accompaniment with all the required services. Priority on lifts and exclusive access to the Gold Club throughout the day. As an additional service, the instructor can pick the student up at the hotel.

Duration: 6 hours, from 11 AM to 17 PM. Languages: Spanish, English and Portuguese. Priority on lifts.

NOTE: ONLY THE CERRO BAYO SCHOOL CAN GIVE CLASSES ON THE MOUNTAIN. In classes with 2 or more people, the students must have the same technical level.

Ski Mountaineering

Using special ski equipment –a binding that allows you to move your ankle freely and SEAL SKINS under your skis– you will climb and cross mountains, traveling to dreamy places that cannot be reached from the lifts. This is an excellent way to conquer new stretches of virgin snow and reach new horizons within one of the world's most beautiful national parks.

These classes must be purchased 1 day in advance and they have a duration of 3 hours.