We have designed 5 guided snowshoeing tours. The tours are held throughout the winter season..

Each tour will be led by a guide and the activity will include insurance for the participants, as well as snowshoes and poles. During the tour, we will take pictures that you can download from a Facebook page later..
We will make short stops in places with panoramic views, where you will enjoy a chocolate and liquor tasting and hear the guide's insights into the woods.


  • Hike at the base of the ski center; lasts 1 hour and 15 minutes, is low difficulty and is offered throughout the season, with or without snow.
  • Hike at 1500 m; requires a ski or pedestrian pass.
  • Hike through the woods; lasts 40 minutes, is low difficulty and takes you to lookout points with views of Nahuel Huapi Lake.
  • Hike with one of the most beautiful routes; lasts 2 hours, starts at 1500 m and is highly recommended because of its numerous panoramic views. Difficulty: Low+.
  • Hike with a descent to the base at the end of the day; we will descend along paths until we reach the base of the ski center. Duration: 2 hours. Difficulty: Low.
  • Night hikes are also offered, taking you from the base of the ski center to your dinner destination. This hike must be coordinated in advance.