Snow Park

Cerro Bayo has designed exclusive freestyle areas for both skiers and snowboarders.

Terrain Park

This season, the terrain park has been improved and is just waiting for skiers and snowboarders to experiment with it. Located in the woods on an exclusive freestyle trail, it includes boxes, bars and even a big air ramp. The park, along with its line of progression, adapts to the rider's level, age and ability, with different freestyle modules that were designed for riders, by riders.


The progression park is the best way to get your feet wet on freestyle terrain. It is a smaller version of a snowpark, with soft landings and a lot of space to more around, making it ideal for those who want to get into freestyling.

Don't forget about the classic events that are held on the mountain every year: BBQ Burton Day, the Ollie Contest, Best Trick and Flower Powder, an exclusive event just for girls.

Burton Test Ride

Burton Snowboards invites you to try out their new models while "you do your demo" on the new Villa La Angostura Terrain Park.

Riders can test out the latest equipment for free throughout the season at Cerro Bayo. The best Burton boards, boots and bindings for men, women and children. Come do the Test Ride of the latest Burton equipment, where you really have to try it: in the snow!

This year, as in recent years in this marvelous place, BURTON SNOWBOARDS is proud to announce it will be hosting the BURTON Test-Ride©, where you can try out the brand's products —the latest boards and bindings— before they go on the market!


SKI+ is designed for teens between the ages of 13 and 17. They must have an intermediate level (3 ski seasons) in order to register. During the course, they will learn about the theoretical and technical characteristics of the three ski disciplines: alpine skiing, freestyling and freeriding. Starting at the intermediate level, group classes will be given on the trails to improve the students' abilities and even out the level of the group. Then, the students will move on to the basics of the more challenging disciplines: freestyling and freeriding.

The SKI+ groups are taught by instructors who are trained to provide this service. Simply put, the idea is to demonstrate how important basic values are using everyday examples.


FREESTYLING is a ski/snowboard discipline that is taking off. It is mainly done in the Terrain Snow Park, which has been especially prepared for this activity. To freestyle means to deconstruct specific techniques and focus on creating more complex moves. The Terrain Snow Park is the place to try out new "tricks". First, students use the lowest and easiest "modules". Then, as they improve, they move on to the higher and more difficult "modules".

For this activity, it is important to have a well-trained instructor who can explain how to execute each move, since it is very difficult to pull off the basic and fundamental moves needed to achieve the objective: have fun and improve within a safe environment.


FREERIDING is another ski/snowboard discipline that has grown a lot in recent years. It is done in all the areas that are "off-the-trail": deep snow, woods and the high part of the mountain. Freeriding is for people who are looking for a little more adventure and to push the limits of the trail.

For FREERIDING, it is important to have an instructor as your guide, because they will be familiar with aspects that you have yet to master. These aspects are not related to your vehicle (skis or snowboard), or to the technique you have learned, but to what is around you: different types of snow, woods, rocks, ledges, jumps, etc.

Information and Registration

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